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RST is committed to pushing the technological envelope to introduce a new era of robotic devices to automate repetitive, error-prone, costly, and time-consuming instrument processing functions throughout the hospital.
Introducing PenelopeCS™, RST's latest product that will revolutionize the way hospital's manage their inventory of surgical instruments.  PenelopeCS will help automate some key functions in the hospital's
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sterile supply department, where used/dirty surgical instruments are cleaned, sorted, inspected, and repacked into containers, to be sterilized for the next procedure. Click here to learn more about PenelopeCS.

Introducing PenelopeCS
There's a new worker in sterile supply. Click here to learn more about PenelopeCS, RST's exciting new product for sterile supply.

In The News
PenelopeCS was recently featured in the Upfront section of Health Facilities Management Online.

RST on YouTube
Check out a collection RST videos on YouTube.  And visit our movies page for more highlights.

PenelopeCS In The News PenelopeCS is featured in the latest issue of OR Manager.   The leading international publication on OR management weighs in on RST's exciting new product, PenelopeCS.