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RST is committed to pushing the technological envelope to introduce a new era of devices to automate repetitive, error-prone, costly, and time-consuming instrument processing functions throughout the hospital.
Introducing RST Automation's latest product, the Assisted Instrument Management (AIM) system. With AIM, RST Automation meets the challenge of developing the first automated instrument set assembly system. AIM is a breakthrough product - the first in a series of RST's automation tools
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- all designed to improve safety, efficiency and effectiveness in the sterile processing environment. This system was designed to readily fit into existing sterile processing environments without special installation requirements. The benefits of employing AIM can result in an attractive return on investment, higher process quality, and greater accountability. Click here to learn more about AIM.

AIM v1.1
Click here to learn more about the AIM v1.1 (Assisted Instrument Management) system. Click here to see it in action!

In The News
PenelopeCS was recently featured in the Upfront section of Health Facilities Management Online.

RST on YouTube
Check out a collection RST videos on YouTube.  Click here to see the AIM v1.1 in action.

PenelopeCS In The News PenelopeCS is featured in the latest issue of OR Manager.   The leading international publication on OR management weighs in on RST's exciting new product, PenelopeCS.